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So What Is My Inspiration?!

 It would be easy to say that my passion for art provides me with endless inspiration and motivation to spend every spare minute painting. Unfortunately and quite surprisingly; it doesn’t. There are always gaps in my creativity and enthusiasm. It leaves me pondering – what inspires me? By trial and error I have come to the following conclusions so far  – coffee is not one of them, and music quite possibly is.

Alongside art, music is another passion of mine, and if I chose the right “theme tune” to be my muse, then even on the most uninspired day, it can lift the mood and get that paintbrush moving.

So what is the best music to create to?

It has to be feel good songs for me. I don’t generally paint anything with dark subject matter or meaning, so upbeat and mood enhancing music is a must…..





…. To name just a few. And this is making me realise that I need to get on some downloads and feed my inspiration!


 Answers on a postcard (or in comment form)


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