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Putting a Label On It

 Although I am not a fan of categorisation, I think when talking about your artwork there is some need for it. So… I’m going to give it a go.

There was some time during my art education dedicated to looking into different styles of art, but I have a funny feeling I didn’t pay much attention, so I have had a good rummage around the internet and educated myself on Realism, Photo Realism and Pop Art as they initially struck me as the most relevant to the styles I am trying to achieve.

The Realist movement began in France in the 1850’s and it opposed earlier art movements such as Romanticism and Neoclassicism. Brush strokes are still apparent, but no obvious attempt has been made to portray the subject in any way other that what the artist saw at the time.

With Photorealism however, the idea is that the image is depicted as if it were a photograph and paint strokes are not generally apparent at all.

Although I do try to make my paintings as photorealistic as possible, this is at present beyond my skillset and in a world surrounded by technology; it is nice to see some painterly aspects in artwork, and that hand finished touch. I think whilst the style of the subject matter within my paintings is representative of Realism, the compositions are not. This is why I saw the benefit of a look around Pop Art.

Pop Art was made famous by legends such as Andy Warhol and Lichtenstein. They used bright colours and iconic figures and images to create eye-catching print/collage work. I love this style of work, although I do prefer artwork to be painted. Pop Art was also called New Realism, which is interesting that there is a connection between the two styles; however modern examples I have found of New Realism do not follow the Pop Art style.

So, to conceed this insightful journey into the world of Modern Art I will conclude that I am mixed bag of styles, but the most accurate description I have found so far is to say that I am a Pop Art Realist Artist…. Or a Poprealist!


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