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Sloe Progress

Although the artwork has been put on hold due to some much needed overtime, I haven’t abandoned my creative side altogether. As the festive season draws near, my attention is starting to veer towards harvesting, Christmas presents and and the like.

Looking for some inspiration from my blogging peers, I have come across lots of creative and interesting ideas.

These cookies look just scrumptious and a great idea for Christmas: Christmas Cookies

I’m thinking of doing baked goodies for loved ones for Christmas, with some pretty homemade boxes.

This is another lovely recipe: Truffles

DecorAlly been busy with alcoholic presents this year, very impressive!  Vodka 

I have attempted a similar project myself. After a brisk walk around the wilderness of Pamper Heath collecting a healthy harvest of Sloes, I am proud to announce that I have tried my hand at Sloe Gin for the first time. I’m sure this will be a welcome present for the alcohol consuming members of my family and a little treat for myself too!


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