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Time is a Made Up Word

The problem with using oil paint is that it takes a long while to dry. I am on a big mission to produce lots of masterpieces in a short space of time and trying desperately to ensure I am living, breathing and sleeping art. As my latest creations need to dry now, I think I deserve to give myself a break, and rather than “watching paint dry” I would allow myself to ponder some other areas of life.

I am having a losing battle with time these days – where does it go? One of my favourite sayings is “time is a made up word.” Within an infinite universe, there is no such thing as time. As decaying matter however, inevitably we get wrapped up in the “beginning and the end”. I have an unhealthy obsession with this; in particular the end part where I have so much to do in, what is really (in the grand scheme of things) very little time. I find myself rushing from A to B without any consideration for the journey in between in the fear that time will run out and I will not complete my mission.

In my own defence, I have gone fro 0 – nearly 30 in the blink of an eye without any real accomplishments to speak of. Or have I….? Maybe I have been looking at accomplishments from the wrong angle, and the real accomplishments are how I have developed as a person. The strength and understanding I have learnt. I have my own living space, an education, a social life and crazy cool friends, a job, a passion, a kind and gentle man, my health, happiness and mind. I suppose those are things to be proud of. If I was to have a marriage, a family, a house and a self sustainable art career; would I still feel restless? Probably.

So how do you balance the time constraints of a finite, mortal life with with the ability to enjoy the journey? I think this is definitely something to meditate on. Any suggestions however would be greatly appreciated.

Being both a material body and an infinite soul is such a battle!


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