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Back to it!

After a slight physical block in the way of another dreaded cold, I am determined to come up fighting and carry on. It’s been a week – a week of wasted time! I had so many plans, so much hope…

But I’m back, I have to be. I still have the use of only one ear and my nasal passages lead a lot to be desired but the potential in my creative space is calling to me and things need to be done.

My sketchbook is now back up to scratch. I have two pieces I am now working on for another competition opportunity. The painting I started before the dreaded lergy kicked in is ready for more detail, and I have another one lined up for the majestic lion. I also have two older paintings, which I initially thought were finished that need more work. I have been studying some mixed media techniques to inject more energy and diversity into my style. The problem will be trying to mix oil with acrylic medium. I’m not one to give up on a painting though. Below is the “before.” I hope to blog soon about the “after”



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