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Kev Munday, Artist Extraordinaire!

I am continuing my theme of profiling local artists this week, and I would like to present to you Kev Munday.

Kev grew up in and around Basingstoke and developed an interest for art after studying punk album art and skateboarding magazines. He is known for his sub-urban style, inspired by aboriginal culture, fortune cookie poetry and travelling amusement rides.

Kev has exhibited worldwide and has produced commissions for big names such as Walt Disney and Guitar Hero. He has also produced designs for several clothing companies and has regularly appeared at live painting events. He has also featured in many magazines and newspapers such as The Independent and Hip Hop Connection and websites such as http://www.highsnobiety.com/

Kev’s ever expanding portfolio includes work on canvas and board, as well as 3D work ranging from furniture to bowling pins. He has also produced many mammoth murals for bars, nightclubs and has even turned his hand to vans.

Kev is currently exhibiting at The Shop in Basingstoke and The Graffik Gallery in London, Portobello Road. You can then catch him at the Hayward Gallery in May. For more information on these events, Kev himself or his artwork, or if you are interested in pieces he has for sale check out the following links or email him on kev@kevmunday.co.uk





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