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It’s a Students Life

Hello art lovers. Firstly I must offer my sincere apologies for my lack of blogs recently. Unfortunately life has got in the way and my art has had to take a back burner. But, now I’m back. And I have news.

Since my last post I have been accepted into Southampton Solent University to study a 3 year degree in Art Enterprise. Although a little old to be a student, I am positive that this is the right choice for me and will get me an insight into the elitist art world that I has been a mystery to me up until now.

The course includes fine art studies as well as professional development and promises that if I put the work in to the best of my ability then my dreams of a full time career as a professional artist can and will be met.

Because of this development in my life, I have decided that I am going to make the best of my summer and take some time out from the pressures of the continued development of my art style and career until I commence my course in September. This means that my posts over the coming months may take a more philosophical route rather than cataloguing my visual conquests.



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