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The Awe Inspiring Stone Henge

This is my belated review of the Summer Solstice at Stone Henge this year! Although it was the usual washout weather-wise I think a good time was had by all! Sunrise was non-existent and we only spent around two hours at the stones themselves, but we managed to witness a beautiful hand-holding ceremony of two of my good friends and I was able to further solidify friendships and relationships with the beautiful people in my life.

So there were car park antics, face painting, rain, drinking and dancing, singing and shouting more rain and then more time spent in the car park. And lots more rain. Then more drinking, an epiphany or two and then a hairy moment stuck in the mud on the way home.

I managed to catch some beautiful images, have some good memories and have my next inspiration for my next piece of artwork…when I can afford the canvas to paint it on. A sneak preview of my latest muse (the final binding of the hand holding ceremony):


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