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The Inevitable Summer Lull

A seasonal halt has occurred. Creativity has been traded for days lazing in the sun. Well we only get a few weeks of summer a year in England (if we’re lucky) so I can justify the use of my time to a large extent. As long as I don’t send myself crazy in my laziness like I did last year.

Just because I have no credible evidence for it, doesn’t mean the cognitive juices aren’t flowing. I have a big project in the pipeline once I have a slightly more affluent bank account. I am also still pondering life’s problems and struggling through Zizek’s “The Sublime Object of Ideololoy.”

In light of the lazy summer days, there isn’t much else to report. Other than I’m still smoke-free. I’m off the wagon now but still feel it is relatively under control. And news just in; my sugar cravings have subsided! So the only real mental weight on this fine day is to try and maintain a healthy balance of leisure time and productivity, and to make sure I keep up the good work on the rest!



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