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About Me

By my own admission; I am caught in a battle between business and pleasure. My artwork is in a state of flux, where the focus is changing from the audience to me. Sometimes I create artwork for other people, commissions and such; I have an audience in mind when creating this artwork. These works are both ironic and iconic, cliché yet customised.

Then there’s the artwork that I create for me. It takes direct references from my own personal experience as well as my research. I am particularly interested in consciousness, the ego and the human condition and the emotions and conditions that we suffer because of these things; pleasure and pain, addiction, fear, loss and guilt.

It is confessional art, cathartic and exploratory in a range of mediums, particularly digital photography and journaling. I explore my inner struggles and questions and how these relate to the rest of human kind both past and present.

Art is a form of therapy to me. I use research techniques, words and visual mediums to answer the questions that arise due to my existence as conscious being and my struggles to attain the ultimate goal; to reach a state of inner peace and be released from the fear that surrounds my existence.



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